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Here are some of the services EC Waste currently offers


Our Service Areas

Residential Solid Waste

Solid waste collection and curbside services

Commercial Services

Reliable and responsible services for your business needs

Transfer Stations

Temporary solid waste deposit and transportation

Construction and Demolition

Compliance with construction industry regulations

Special Waste

Agricultural sector waste management


container rental

20cy (Cubic Yard)

Capacity: Holds approximately 400 pounds or 14 trash bags

Use: Ideal for businesses with up to 25 employees

30cy (Cubic Yard)

Capacity: Holds approximately 600 pounds or 21 trash bags

Use: Ideal for businesses with up to 50 employees

40cy (Cubic Yard)

Capacity: Holds approximately 800 pounds or 27 trash bags

Use: Best for midsize small business with up to 100 employees